Through Time and Space

ID: 041017

133 x 120 x 4cm

(53″ x 47″)

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$ 1990

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‘Through Time and Space’ is inspired by places I visit when I have lucid dreams, which I am blessed to have from time to time. Although the overall atmosphere and its elements are from a world within a dream, this particular painting has an added abstracted theme in its composition; the representation of time entwined with space. Flowing in a vertical orientation through the artwork, the past lies under the water where life allegedly began; air (space) is where the future is heading; and the land represents the present, intertwined in both the future and the past. The four classic elements involved in The Creation, water, fire, earth, and air, are present occupying their own territory in space and time but also intermingling throughout the composition as a whole. The light beam represents the force (spirit) spanning throughout time and space, granting life to everything.

  • Collection: Dream lanscapes
  • Media: Acrylic on canvas
  • Status: Available for sale
  • Shipping (US,EU): $350

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