• Are all listed works available for sale?

The status of the works uploaded on this site is indicated on its dedicated product page. Some of the paintings are sold and this reflects on their product page status.  The works with status for sale are available.

  • What about shipping?

The shipping charges in the site are estimated for Europe and US/Canada regions and Australia. If you are outside these regions, I will inquire with the courier and send you an official quote no later than 24 hours. My couriers are TNT and the delivery service is door to door.

  • How is the item delivered?

As default the works are delivered door to door. I will advise you when the parcel is dispatched and send you the tracking number. The courier will contact you telepathically when the item is ready to be delivered on your side.

  • Why don’t you have instant buy option?

As much as I would like to simplify the buying process buying an original artwork requires some communication in order to complete the process smooth and have the whole experience enjoyable for both parties. This will eliminate the possibilities of adding incorrect shipping costs, delivery details and of course the possibility of a painting being sold twice before updating its status on the site.

  • What does the buying process involve?

It is a very simple two steps process consisting of enquiry and payment. The prices of the artworks are clearly indicated on their product pages. If you decide to purchase a painting first copy its ID number from the same product page and click on the link purchase. You will be taken to an order form in which you will fill your name and details, paste the ID of the artwork on the dedicated field and submit. I will add the shipping charges applicable for your country and send you back an invoice with payment instructions within 24 hours.  I will ship the artwork no later than 5 days after the payment is cleared and you will receive the parcel’s tracking number. It takes 5 to 7 days for FedEx to deliver to most destinations in the world.

  • What are the ways of payment?

The fastest and easiest way is via PayPal. It is really fast and secure and the payment reflects almost instantly. The other possibility is International Wire Transfer which works also very smooth in most countries of the world. The payment options have their own dedicated page in the site, making the process confusion free.

  • What if the artwork doesn’t meet my expectations?

I understand that a digital image is not capable of giving complete impression of how the real artwork looks. My honest opinion is that the real thing looks much better. However if you are not completely satisfied by your purchase you can return it within 7 days from the day you receive it for full refund.

  • What collection stands for?

I use different collections to organize my works in sets bearing common theme, style and paint application techniques. There are paintings which are just interpretation of an idea and do not belong to any collection. They are marked with “single work”.

  • ????

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you have trough the contact page.