I believe that all styles, even the ones we call “timeless”, when over-exploited get exhausted and eventually expire. It is like the creative juice is diluted over too many works and lost its potency.  In this respect, arranging artworks in collections, will encourage creating of a new style for every new collection. It will limit the number of works, employing a distinctive style to a manageable number, thus preserving exclusivity.



Light and colour have fascinated man since time immemorial.  Light and colour are the media through which the gemstones express themselves. Painting gemstones on canvas is my way of celebrating that light and colour, representing gems in a big scale, where no magnification is needed and placing them in the matrix environment associated with their creation.






Dream Landscapes

The beacon

These are pictures of places I visited in my dreams. In a lucid dream the colours are much brighter than in reality, or what we generally refer to as such. There is a story behind some of them but what I am trying to capture is the overall mood and the ever present sensation of mystery.


Virgin Mary

I got inspired by number of 18th century orthodox Christian icons I observed in several churches in Bulgaria.  My attention was drawn not so much on the actual artwork but on the battered condition of the boards and the story their scars tell. I wanted to interpret that story and started the Icons collection.


cafe collage m1

This is a collection of collages depicting the long  route of coffee from the sunny fields of exotic far away countries to the steaming cup of the delicious brew with all its varieties. The many colours and textures associated with a high end coffee shop experience are captured in lush and thick chocolate, cream, coffee and custard impasto strokes, soaked with chocolate sauce.





This collection is introducing one relatively new and very sophisticated material-Stainless Steel- alone or mixed with traditional art media.





Small Works

Pistachio hill

While smaller in size, the pieces from this collection are 100% original artworks. They are hand painted with the same care and attention to detail as the large works, just smaller in size and much more affordable. This collection aims to offer a framed original artwork as an affordable gift option.